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This website to work best and to ensure that all the features present in it are working correctly uses cookies technical, they are small text files containing information that does not personally identify visitors to the website but allows, for example, displaying more quickly previously visited pages.

If you do not want them, although it is not recommended as it could not operate all features of this site and others then also block cookies, each browser has its methodology, the information in the official guide of the different web browser will tell you how to block.

Third Party Cookies

To see useful statistics about the visitors to know the content they want, hence to improve the service offered on this website uses Google Analytics, it sets its cookies, however, the detection capabilities of the IP address is made anonymous, or it does not allow to identify exactly who is visiting the website.

To view a map that shows where we are, and to allow you to more easily reach this web site incorporates Google maps, it uses its cookies that are third party.

If we run advertising with Google AdWords and if remarketing functionality it sets its cookies through this website you will be notified, otherwise not.

Both the privacy policy of AdWords to Analytics can deepen https://www.google.it/intl/en/policies/privacy/ from this page if you want to manage your advertising preferences of Google, you can view this page https://www.google.com/settings/ads and for disable Analytics cookies you can view this page https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en.