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Welcome to the new website of GaussKO!

We welcome you to the new website of GaussKO.

Intuitive, easy to navigate, with clear graphics, in the pages of our site you can find all the information about our company and our demagnetizers.

GaussKO: specialized in removing residual magnetism

GaussKO is a brand specialized in the removal of residual magnetism for companies operating in the steel sector. It is the business branch of TemaFlux, a company that for over twenty years has been dealing with production and sale of equipment for Non-Destructive Testing, quality control and testing machinery.

We supply machinery for all demagnetization needs, responding promptly and flexibly to our customers’ requests. We offer in company trainings (in which we explain the functioning of demagnetizers) and guarantee customer service before, during and after the sale. We maintain contacts with companies all over the world. You can find out more about the company on the About Us page.

Demagnetizers for all needs

Our machineries allow eliminating the residual magnetism from industrial components, in particular in the final phase of the production and during the treatment of the pieces meant to facilitate processing (as welding, chrome plating, nickel plating). You can discover the characteristics of each machine on its specific page, complete with images and detailed information.

Low frequency industrial demagnetizer

Our top product is the low frequency industrial demagnetizer, which eliminates the residual magnetization left at the core of the piece. You can use it to degauss large pieces, pipes and bars even in bundles: you can accelerate your production and save time and money.

Other demagnetizers for industrial components

On our proposal, you will find other demagnetizers, which you can use to degauss several industrial components, including pipes, bars, sheet metals, metal profiles, wire ropes and dies for presses and blanking machines.

Do you want to demagnetize your components? Request a free consultation!

Do you need to eliminate the residual magnetism, so you can sale or work your industrial components? Contact us: we will show you how our demagnetizers will improve your production!